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Inspiring Women in Business

Jul 18, 2023

During Covid, Amy Jones had a moment where she thought it was game over for her in-person yoga business. Still, after a conversation with her Mum, who offered her money to get her through the next 6 months, Amy decided no Covid wasn’t going to take away her business.

She then learned everything she could about taking her business online, and that’s how our paths crossed in 2021 during a live round of my free Business Breakthrough Training. We’ve been working together inside my business coaching membership online business collective for over a year and nearly as long working 1-2-1 together.

Amy now mentors other yoga teachers on how to have profitable yoga businesses they’re proud of and has a successful online yoga business and an enviable easy way of doing her marketing and making sales. 

She’s a true inspiration, have a listen. 

Key takeaways from this episode

  • Take advantage of the many things you can access and learn through the different online platforms.
  • There should always be a fair value exchange for what you’re doing. 
  • Lead the way in asking the right price and refrain from copying others’ service rates.
  • If you’re not charging enough, you’re also not insuring commitment.
  • Learn the seasonal rhythm of your business and plan for it well.
  • Turn the spotlight away from you and turn it to the people who seek your service.
  • We often beat ourselves up for being human but remember we’re doing our best to help and serve.
  • Investing in yourself changes your attitude; It makes you feel more accountable.
  • Aside from the support you are getting from your family, get yourself in a community of people who do the same business and experts in your field too.
  • You are the one who makes the rules in your business.
  • There are a lot of tactics to sell, and you have to be human behind these tactics.
  • Make offers, make money. Always make an offer after telling people how you can help them.


Episode Timeline:

00:04 Intro

01:05 Episode Guest: Amy Jones

02:03 How Amy ended up with her business

03:23 How Amy’s business is operating today

05:03 How she overcomes her tech fears

06:38 On being a generator and taking actions

09:34 Why Amy is passionate about teaching yoga teachers

12:29 The challenging part of the business and the right mindset to overcome it

17:08 Asking the right price to keep the business going

20:00 Amy’s best bit of advice on money mindset

24:57 Joining the Business Collective and the importance of getting into a community of people in the same business

35:51 The right thinking around launching and using online platforms for the launch

38:32 Making the Rules in your business

40:50 How to be human behind the selling tactics you do

42:33 How to connect with Amy

43:58 Amy’s advice on selling more and making time for revenue-generating activities

46:32 Outro

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