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Inspiring Women in Business

Mar 28, 2022

Is it really all in the mind? Are we being compassionate and kinder to ourselves if we numb our negative feelings and just keep on going to achieve success?  

In this episode, I interview Jacqui Acree and she enlightens us about Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) or commonly called tapping. She also shares about the self-help industry, the good and the bad. 


It’s a great episode. Have a listen.



Remember to be aware of what our body is telling us. It is not just about positive thinking, working harder, and pushing through.


Failure is a necessary part of success. It's not a failure on one side and success on the other, and you only get one. Failure is part of the experience of success, it's a journey, and you hit failure along the way.


Self-sabotage is a form of protection. When we look at it like that, we can begin to honor its intent and then let it go. 


It's so important to be able to permit yourself to feel and feel the things that you feel.


When we numb some feelings, we actually numb all of them. If you numb the "negative feelings" like anxiety, fear, disappointment, we are also numbing joy, maybe pleasure in some way.


Visualizing a hard thing is going to catalyze a stress response in your body. When our body is stressed, it will go to fight or flight, we lose access to our rational perspective, logical brain. And we need those to show up and shine in life, whether business or life in general.


Procrastination is always a stress response.


Emotional Freedom Techniques, commonly called tapping, is a blend of acupressure and psychology. 


Emotional Freedom Techniques or tapping can help us go through what our bodies really feel. It helps us better transition to what steps we should take next to achieve our goals.

Episode Timeline:


00:00 Episode Intro

00:40 Intro

02:01 About Jacqui Acree

03:37 How Jacqui ended up with her business today

07:10 Jacqui’s key messages for people about Gaslit

13:54 How numbing negative feelings also numb all feelings

16:31 The importance of honoring the journey instead of exclusively focusing on the big goal

19:33 How tapping helped Jacqui notice what she’s feeling and allowed it

26:31 Our body’s stress response when visualizing a hard thing we need to undergo to reach a goal

28:55 About Emotional Freedom Techniques or tapping

30:36 The first time Jacqui used tapping

36:15 Jacqui’s take on over-identifying our thoughts and feelings as ourselves

38:42 Transitioning from the feelings of self-doubt

43:04 How often people should use tapping

44:33 Jacqui’s last piece of advice to listeners

45:40 How to connect with Jacqui

47:42 Outro

About our guest:


Jacqui Acree is an EFT tapping Practitioner. Her mission is to empower entrepreneurial mamas to silence their inner critic, release perfectionism, and recover from goal trauma so that they can parent and lead with love and power. She uses a science-based practice (tapping) which stimulates the body’s energy points so you can experience physical relief, emotional wellness and feel at ease. 


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More about Ruth:


Hi, Im Ruth, a business coach specializing in helping freelancers and business owners adjust their mindset and marketing so they can get fully booked with clients they LOVE to work with. Ive helped hundreds of self-employed women achieve the time and money freedom they craved.


Ive started this podcast because when I first went all in and left the corporate world to be a freelancer, I was grateful for any work that came my way. After over 20 years of freelancing and working for other people, I started to realize Id created a glass ceiling for myself.


In 2017, I finally started listening to that voice that had been telling me for a long time that I wasnt doing what I loved and fulfilling my true potential.  It took a critical illness to give me that wake-up call.  I dont want the same to happen to you.


You can expect practical advice, inspiring stories, and a lot of aha moments as we uncover and kick to the curb all the obstacles you have been putting in your way.


Im on a mission to inspire women to start and play bigger in business.

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